Empire of Nestor

Session 0

The Dollmaker

The game started out with all the characters sleeping in the town of Kavshak. Some of the players were just passing through, and others were planning on staying for a long time. During the night however, strange things were happening. Children sized shapes were seen darting into alleyways only to disappear completely upon further inspection. Green eyes stared out of the darkest corners of town, with strange giggling heard throughout.

In the morning, the party went to the town square to see what all the commotion was about. Apparently, a number of items had been stolen from many of the merchants in town. Our noble adventurers are tasked with finding out what happened and returning the stolen property, with the promise of a just reward given by the mayor of the town, Marth Zelder.

First the players visit the blacksmith, Daldain Silverhammer. They find their first clue, a strand of yarn left behind by the creature that entered Daldain's shop. Over the next few hours of the day, the party visits the town tailor, Garrick; the priest, Horster Carter; and the new puppet maker, Maribel. In the process, Sir Dwarfensten scares a group of kids who were playing in an abandoned brewery, and Quintus kept the party on track with insightful questions, while Aremon tried to keep things calm and make sure everyone in the town was taken care of. J'kar showed his harsh nature by tearing apart a child's toy doll and expressing disdain at anyone deemed too weak to survive the harsh world.

Eventually the party discovers that Maribel, the new puppet maker in the town, is behind the robberies from the night before. Maribel just lost her adult children after they were stabbed to death by their father, Maribel's husband. Maribel says that her husband was acting strange, and he couldn't have been behind their deaths. When the party confronts Maribel about the robberies, she attacks and tries to use her dolls to take the party out. The party is able to defeat the dolls and convince Maribel to stop fighting. They take Maribel to the town guard to get their reward and begin deciding where to go next.

Treasure / Experience points given out:

  • 300 experience points each
  • 175 gp from silk roll
  • 125 gp from Maribel's shop
  • 300 gp from Mayor Marth Zelder



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