Empire of Nestor

Session 1

The Man in the White Cloak

After defeating Maribel, the puppet maker, the party is contacted by Mayor Marth Zelder, requesting their presence at the town church. Upon arriving, the characters find a man named Sigmund has traveled from the nearby town of Salem to request help in investigating the strange things that are happening in his village. Sigmund was found unconscious on the road by an elf named __. As he is being bandaged by Priest Carter, Sigmund describes the unusual behavior of the villagers, hinting at possible mind control. The party quickly decides to set off in hopes of helping the small town, taking __ along with them for help.

The party meets a halfling bard named Bungo and his pet bear, Spike, camped out just on the outskirts of town. They share a pleasant evening regaling each other with songs and stories of great adventurers. Spike even does a small performance with Bungo.

The next morning, the party wakes and heads into town, only to find a small mob has formed outside the town guardhouse. They sneak their way in and meet Connor Marlowe, a guard sent from Oxfield to investigate what is going on in Salem. Marlowe says that he has been too busy keeping peace with the villagers to get any real investigation done, and that he would appreciate if the players could lend him a hand. Inside the jail, a man named Darrell Whitney awaits his fate after having been accused of witchcraft and mind control. He knows very little, and despite the general opinion of the villagers, Marlowe believes Darrell is innocent. The other tenant of the jail is Gerald Huxley, Maribel's husband. Gerald killed his adult children in a fit of violence while preparing dinner. He is extremely depressed and remembers nothing about what actually happened.

Over the course of the day, the party visits various locations throughout the town, attempting to find clues as to what is happening to the villagers. They discover the following important clues:

  • The owners of the Ulhorn farm believe Darrell has been behind everything, but they also appear to have been drugged
  • A man in a white cloak was seen leaving the herbs and magic shop
  • The owner of the shop points the party in the direction of where the man in the white cloak was headed last

The group finds a small shack outside of town that has strange sounds coming from inside. There is a quick fight as the party dispatches of some severely drugged villagers and discovers a small wizards lair. They find a journal that details the experiments this wizard was doing to the people in the town, and they also realize that the wizard has already fled town. They are then able to save poor Darrell before he gets burned at the stake by the misguided residents of Salem.


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