Empire of Nestor

Session 3

Travelling to Olgard Fortress

After acquiring mounts in Oxfield, the party sets off to find Olgard Keep, the location of the unknown artifact required by the Brotherhood of Light. The horses allow the party to move faster than most other groups heading for the fortress, but as the party is about to camp for the night, they are met by a young boy who was left behind by his friends, alone and afraid in the woods. Aremon quickly takes the boy, who calls himself Azad, under his wing, promising protection until they are able to remove the slowly tightening cloak from around Azad's neck.

The group tries to track Azad's friends through the woods, but they are ambushed by yet another adventuring party in search of the powerful artifact. After a close combat, J'kar uses some harsh tactics to get answers from the leader of the ambushers. This is to no avail, and very little information is gained. The ambushers still alive are stripped of their clothes and sent running for their lives through the woods. The party takes a long rest to heal up and prepare for exploring the fortress the next day.

The next day, everyone sets off again towards the fortress, which they were able to just make out through the woods the night before. They come upon what looks to be an ancient castle built to withstand a siege. The castle is surrounded by a 30 foot thick moat, and there are many features built into the castle to make it as defensible as possible. About 100 meters out, everyone hears the howling of a creature within the castle. Upon closer inspection, there is a pack of wolves harrassing a small halfling. The group fights off the wolves, but the poor halfling dies in the process. Once the wolves are dead, the party notices 3 dead bodies which seem to have been killed by the wolves. Each body, including the halfling, is wearing a cloak similar to the ones on Quintus and Azad.

Finally, the party makes its way into the main throne room of the keep where they meet a revanant named Snog, the last of the great orc kings. He speaks briefly with the party, but for the most part seems to care little about why the group is in his castle. He speaks of the artifact that was hidden by his shamans thousands of years ago in this castle, and they party must show themselves worthy in order to wield the artifact.

The session ends with the party preparing to go through the door on the far right of the throne room.


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