Empire of Nestor

Session 4

History of the Orcs

The party starts the session by opening the back right door in the throne room of Olgard fortress. Here, they find what looks to be an ancient war room with maps and battle reports scattered on a circular table and a bookcase with military books on one wall. In the far corner, an orc wearing shaman robes stands watching over the room, and on the back wall there is a tapestry depicting an ancient battle of dwarves fighting orcs. As the group searches the room, the statue in the corner comes to life and requests that the characters name 3 of the 4 leaders from the last great war. At the same time, an animated suit of armor comes to life and 4 swords fly off of a rack and attack the party. Luckily, Aremon does some quick thinking and is able to recall 2 of the 3 names required to get past the statue, and Sir Dwarvenson finds the third on a sheet of parchment laying on the round table.

Once the party names the three leaders from the war, the statue allows them to pass through a secret door that leads down to an altar of some sort. A spirit appears and takes the party away to live through some of the history of the orcs. Each person lives through a vision that gives them insight into how the orcs welcomed a new race into their land, and began trading with them, only to eventually be destroyed by the new race in a devestating war. 

J'Kar learns of the first contact the orcs had with this outside race attempting to sell magical implements to improve crop yield. He decides to allow this new trade into the city in order to increase propserity and wealth for the kingdom.

Boksel lives through the drought caused by the magical farming implements and forbids their sale in the orcish kingdom. He doesn't go so far as to banish the new race from orc lands, but he expresses distrust and hesitancy to allow any new magical implements.

Aremon attempts to avoid war by sending scouts to capture the daughter of the leader of the new race and returning her only when a peace agreement has been reached.

Sir Dwarvenson makes the hard choice to execute the man who killed the Orc king for the transgression of kidnapping the daughter.

Finally, it is revealed to the entire party that the whole illusion was meant to be a retelling of orcish history without the corruption of humans, elves, or dwarves. The new race in the land was the humans, and throughout the time period of the vision, the orcs were turned into monsters due to the breaking of alliances.

When the story is finished, the party is returned to the altar where they are able to retrieve a black sword, the magical artifact they were sent to find in the first place. They take it back to Oxfield and are able to trick the Brotherhood of Light into thinking an ordinary black sword is the artifact they were looking for, while the party keeps the real black sword in order to find someone who can destroy it. The black sword attempts to tempt the party into murdering each other but fails at each turn.


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